BenQ PD2700U Inspection



BenQ 27 incher is a 4K monitor having its sights put on content founders and serious computing and an Excellent IPS panel


  • Precise, high-quality IPS board
  • Loads of background property
  • Limited pixel pitch causes for Plenty of detail

in Opposition to

  • Only 60Hz refresh
  • No adaptive sync
  • No USB Type-C connectivity

Inside this time of zany Ultrawide PC tracks, mega-bright HDR tracks , adaptive-sync tracks , super-high re-set tracks monitors using nanotechnology-enhanced backlights, is there any some appetite made to get a track? In summary, does anyone care about panels made for productivity that is basic old ?

The new PD2700U of BenQ is definitely well worth a look, In case your solution is yes. It blatantly lacks some of these above whizz-bang capabilities. Its allure is based around a high quality IPS LCD panel, full precisely and 4K resolution control electronic equipment.

To put it differently, the proposal of the newest BenQ involves loads of true and more pixels colours, however not refresh, quantum dots or nearby dimming.

More importantly, it really is just that trade off between a premium excellent panel having few frills on the one hand, and also each of those bells and whistles across the other, which you've got to produce at this price line. You'll be shelling out around 3 x a money, if you want all of it in a single monitor.


Price and availability

At # 430 at the United Kingdom, $535 at the United States and also AU$ 849 in Australia, the BenQ PD2700U is not exactly Inexpensive.

However, it represents a great deal of high quality pixels for that cost. For instance, you're taking a look at well over $1000 or #1,000 to fasten an 27-inch 4K monitor with Re Fresh and true HDR capability from Acer or Asus.

That said, a number of 27-inch IPS 4K choices may be obtained for money. Even the LG 27UK600 fits the BenQ PD2700U pretty much point-for-point on newspaper however typically costs 15 per penny.


Layout and attributes

Search else where, When it is pure styling sizzle you search. The BenQ PD2700U can be a operator. Low-key branding and also the monotone black plastics create for an background life presence. That saidthe build quality seems solid as well as the slender bezels on three sides of this liquid crystal display panel ensure a texture.

The screen's stand offers the full assortment of adjustment and is hardy, including to portrait mode mode. BenQ has likewise bequeathed the PD2700U using an adequate variety of ports, which includes both standard and Mini-DisplayPort inputs in 1.4 spec, an HDMI 2.0 socket as well as a USB 3.0 hub.


What it doesn't present you is if you should be planning to drive that screen by a laptop that is modern USB connectivity, which is actually a shame.

That one cable for power, exhibit and peripherals is such a option. Still, BenQ has built the PD2700U using an integral computer mouse (KVM) change and multi-stream transport for encouraging daisychaining numerous screens.

As that PD2700U liquid crystal display panel, it's stationary comparison an IPS affair with extensive viewing angles and maximum brightness of 350cd/m2 for. That latter figure betrays the simple fact this isn't a true HDR monitor.

It is compliant and can method an HDR signal. But on present, the HDR practical experience will not be with that level of no dimming ability and relaxation. That saidthe HDR 10 compliance does dictate broad colour gamut capacity, but in cases like this Rec. 709 and also 100 per cent of the colour space.

Though the refresh at resolution is restricted to an old faculty 60Hz, by 2,160 pixels, you are becoming a significant 3,840 as a 4K panel. Squeezed into a screen, which translates into a fine 163 DPI pixel pitch.


Overall performance

With expectations, you wont be disappointed from the BenQ PD2700U. It wow you with glossy 120Hz refresh or won't blow off your socks out of the box with levels of either HDR-style brightness. But it's a track.

Speaking of calibration, every PD2700U comes suitably calibrated from the mill. That explains why it places within an impeccable operation in our test images.

You won't find some signs of compression in scales that are white or black, gradients are sleek, the screening angles are both brilliant and along with stability bang on.


As the HDR features of the screen, it due to the brightness and lack of neighborhood dimming for. But it can allow for the processing of HDR articles and adds a modicum of punch into the visual functionality of the screen. Additionally, the 1,300:1 inactive distinction ratio translates to levels that are dark that are reasonably low.

Along with the caliber of the board, the 4K resolution would be the major upside. Only on the 27-inch panel it generates for nice fantastic along with rendering really, and a good deal of background real estate graphic and picture clarity. 4K pictures look razor sharp.

Allowed you won't desire to conduct the Windows background scaling at one hundred per cent. That causes uncomfortably fonts, icons and display home furnishings. But by it up to 125 percent or 150 10, comfortable while is enabled.

It is certainly an alternate to, state, a 4K screen. The latter provides you with a display screen, but in addition much bigger pixels and less crispness and clarity.

Being a gaming proposal, the 60Hz refresh, 5ms lack and reply of sync leave the PD2700U seeming a bit off the speed.

Nevertheless, it in reality and '' the PD2700U is up to playing matches over its remit, which is tilted towards productivity and content production whether it'd be far from the obvious selection for enjoying first person shooters.



You could be forgiven for believing the BenQ PD2700U is a little laborious. It really is limited on many of the cutting-edge capabilities that now predominate the computer monitor marketplace.

It features an excellent IPS panel, also a lot of a great deal and pixels of colour precision. To put it differently, the PD2700U doesn't work and produces accuracy and fidelity. That includes non invasive styling.

Specifically for gambling and watching movies, therefore, your own $500 / 400-odd is better spent everywhere. Even the PD2700U will definitely turn its hands to all those applications thankfully adequate.

Nonetheless, it's productiveness — you realize, proper at which in fact the PD2700U shines. The only little snag is you may get yourself a experience to get money.


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