Cobian Backup 1-1 (Gravity) review: Totally No Cost, option-rich and effective file backup


Cobian Backup, having interface and its appearance, may not be far to have a check at. However, most things that are like OG, it functions and, and likely better compared to toys that are new that are shiny. If you are searching for anything trusted and more configurable which Windows' personal File History, then it's certainly well worth the download.

Specs and attributes

I began out discussing the interface of Cobian, plus it is a decade or 2 outside of personality having somewhat simple icons around the most important window and also tiny ones onto the menus. But that's appearance, and Cobian is still a sweetheart in use: Beautiful, efficient, including all of the options and functions (of which there are many) logically classified and laid outside.

Cobian does file backup, perhaps not imaging, which it's not acceptable for program recovery. However, it's a bangup project offering the two security and compression if you desire them. Most users have been far better off departing the files therefore they won't require the app whenever necessary to restore them.


Because of all those possibilities, this brief list of the outside of the usual scheduling, permissions, etc.. includes: several loadable/savable classes of backup tasks; parking (compose defending ) backups; unicode document titles; and a deleter for if Windows Explorer, with its own 255-character limit, will not; control line use; and the power to perform like a service or an application, in addition to remote accessibility.

That's exactly what I thought well In the event that you thought IT. This program is all about as geeky as anything having a graphic interface which you'll locate.

The 1 feature I absolutely love would be your capability to run exactly the exact same backup endeavor. I have been begging for the suppliers to implement this for more than ten years. Allow me to state it set that they need to back up to various spots, or that they should want copies that are redundant. The bond needs to be obvious.

Is that both an Interface and an Application are all involved. In the event you didn't install the app as a support, then you must run the application form, then establish the port, or even find an"engine not found" mistake.

I also had to control myself whenever the run endeavor conversation popped with its option to close the computer down after the activities are completed. That's most likely very handy for IT use, nonetheless it truly is exactly where a normal"Don't demonstrate this dialog next time" alternative is usually discovered. Even after copies, I had been still lunging with the mouse at it.

If individuals are the sole things I have to whine about, then then everything okay.


I attempted several copies and all went off without a hitch, alerting one mistake about being unable to gain get to the amount shadow ceremony (that guards in some point in time). They averaged less two hours per 65GB at normal priority, also about 130GB . Impression in either case was minimal, therefore I'd leave things if you might have whatever looks like a computer. In case the backup is really on some thing, say, 15 to twenty yrs old, then perhaps step back it a notch.

A Terrific freebie

It is nice to find a program that bears its founder title (James Cobian), though the variant 1 1 I analyzed is possessed and preserved from one James Sweeney. Thanks for thinking. It really is great to find without putting on airs, a program that only functions. It truly is highly recommended, In the event you've the need that the

Extremely well tailored to this endeavor of document backup, Cobian Backup offers nearly every option –including the capacity. It isn't a lot to look at, however it really is easy to use, and very nicely.


  • Basic however with numerous alternatives
  • Runs like a service or an application
  • Supports remote usage


  • File back-up just
  • Dated looking interface (but easy to utilize )


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