Could AMD launching a new Polaris graphics card next week?


If the rumor mill is to be believed, AMD will launch a fresh graphics card within the future just as as next week — that will be described as considered a refresh of their recent Polaris GPUs, eking out a operation enhance.

This is the word from that everpresent supply of GPU speculation Chiphell (by means of, that asserts that new lending will be described as considered a 12nm spin on the latest Polaris-based RX 500 string of 14nm cards.

With faster clock speeds and the method upgrade, the new GPUs has to offer a 10 to 15% performance profit, or so the concept goes; yet an ample rise for certain.

Be aware this is not a completely new process — that comes with the big drop to 7nm Vega GPUs launching in a later date (and quite possibly because of its pro market just originally, with players possibly looking in a far longer wait to get 7nm cards). AMD has guaranteed that a 3-5% performance increase for 7nm compared to last-gen 14nm technology.

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This is just speculation, mind you, and it really is definitely a rumor which wants a sprinkling of salt for a negative order.

As previously stated, Chiphell reckons we might see that this brand new tech from AMD only around the corner in the start of October, at which we might only be appearing at RX 600 series cards poking their heads over the gambling parapet (even though exactly what naming plot will be used is obviously not even close to clear yet). There might well be a more wait than that although (supposing some of this comes into fruition( anyhow ).

If that is accurate, the pitch of AMD may be to establish those cards in a cost stage that is marginally cheaper than the RX five hundred designs, to make for a compelling giving for those on the market hunting for a GPU.

Nvidia's new GeForce RTX graphics cards may be power-packed, but the lowest priced R TX 2070 will place you back $599 (#569, even AU$899) when it goes on sale next month. As for the R TX 2080, that is already offered by a asking price of $799 (Number 749, AU$1,199), so it's most certainly not for the fainthearted budget-wise.


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