Could AMD show nextgen'Nvidia killer' images card at CES?


AMD may take the wraps off its RDNA 2 Radeon GPUs at CES.

Naturallythis can be immensely insecure, however on the other handthe origin discovered by Wccftech can be still a respectable leaker (over at the Chiphell message boards ) who formerly revealed correct advice regarding the very first launch of Navi.

According to the enigmatically named Wjm47196,'' CES will likely be the stage on which AMD will unveil its first preview of their next-gen Radeon graphics cards that may be 2nd-gen RDNA — a somewhat much further afield and elegant structure in contrast to original Navi GPUs, in different phrases 7nm+ — as preceding rumors have suggested.

And it's really likely that these GPUs will boast hardware-acceleration to grab using Nvidia's R-TX images cards, and to offer game titles tracing faster frame rates.

This ties with preceding chatter from the graphics grapevine going back into August, when we heard from the other source that the high-end'Nvidia killer' GPU (dubbed Navi 23 during that time) would probably be contingent on RDNA 2 architecture. And that this graphics card is expected to launch in mid-2020 — it truly is perhaps the RX 5900, which could be launched with an RX 5800, going by info not too long ago obtained out of Linux drivers — which a start of this year reveal will rather match all this.

We have also witnessed leaked road-maps showing that RDNA two Radeon GPUs are in evolution, and also all of this ties in with the possibility of the next gen consoles possibly getting RDNA 2-powered graphics remedies — keep in mind that these consoles possess AMD processors and will encourage beam tracing, we understand for a truth.

& don't forget the RRA certificate leak which drove speculation concerning how this can relate to this rumored highend graphics card that is Navi and again this may indicate a launch. Although observe that all this should be taken with a significant level of warning — but said, these rumors are starting to badly mount up today…

Memory matters

Within its speculation concerning the newest Navi card utilizing HBM2E movie memory rather than GDDR6, Wccftech chucks with this latest revelation, however we had just take that with a substantial chunk of salt. Even now, who is aware of — it is likely the brand new luxury king might take the baton from AMD's Radeon VII in this respect.

This latest form of spillage is surely one of many more exciting AMD GPU rumors we have heard in recent times, although we all have to keep something else in mind: that the'preview' of the new Navi images cards at CES can possibly be something very minor, such as some minor tease in place of the usual fuller reveal. We mightn't know anything concerning the cards, in other words, save to their own existence…

It's worth noting the way to obtain this escape dropped a few different nuggets of info as well, such as that there'll supposedly be quite a new Navi 10 background GPU coming to take a seat below the RX.

It could be chucked round the 250 mark (roughly #190, AU$370) to shoot on Nvidia's brand new GTX 1660 tremendous, but we're really getting into the territory of complete guess-work now. The sign is, though, that there is likely to be still yet another budget-minded GPU originating from AMD.

Definitely not wallet-friendly workstation-class graphics cards are also coming having a brand new product lineup — that is not any real surprise — to become released'later' the origin maintains, down on the line .


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