E 3 2016: Resident Evil 7 Really Is a full Play-station VR game That Will Support us forget PT


Wherever the hell did that come from? Capcom merely shown that Resident Evil VII is likely to function as a PS VR experience that was full.

In among the absolute most surprising displays of e 3 so significantly, Resident Evil 7: bio hazard acting in first-person outlook on PS4 was shown by Capcom, and affirmed it will likely likely be compatible with PlayStation VR. Fear although, it will also come to x-box One and computer.

Although PS VR is this out oct, Resi 7 won't launch till Jan. 24, 20 17, but a demonstration for your match will probably be available to play station Plus readers today.

The footage we watched pointed into a lot of the traditional spooky Resident Evil encounter, one that's clearly taken a leaf from this publication the Silent Hills job that was cancelled, of PT.

Additionally, do we speak about just the way clever that symbol is?


Supply: techradar.com

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