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The Samsung DeX is it works and makes your mobile as simple as a tablet provided that you are in possession of a monitorkeyboard and mouse practical.


  • Compact design
  • Inbuilt cooling


  • Somewhat bulbous
  • Sluggish disengaging for calls

The Samsung DeX can possibly be one of the biggest wins out of your Galaxy S8 launching, with all an clever dock.

It really is essentially a little, squat puck which will allow one to show your Samsung USB TypeC empowered telephone (so, merely the Galaxy S 8 and also S8 Plus in the time, as the expiration of this Note 7) in the full background experience.


It's the sort of factor which (as another, much more esteemed, journalist pointed out) when Apple achieved itthe world would go crazy with alluring chooses how Apple is trying to cripple its iPad / Mac book company… exactly in which by with Samsung it is likely to move beneath the radar.


We really don't know the Samsung DeX cost or launch date yet, and it probably won't be the apparatus created by the South Korean business.

Nevertheless, it is striking, and may herald a big shift in the way we utilize our phones in the future — after all, they are becoming to the point where there's significantly more than plenty of power packed inside in order for them to function as computers that are actual, so why don't do some thing in this way?


The plan of this Samsung DeX isalso, as previously mentioned, a smaller puck with a couple of ports.

Simply flip open the topand slide from the Galaxy S 8 into the dock (no wireless charging … it's all through the pier for being a connector) and you're away.


The back of this system offers two USB ports, an ethernet outlet and the HDMI output . Sadly this indicates you can not connect the device and blue tooth keyboards and mice, so you'll want to utilize the USB ports for this, but maybe that is something Samsung can offer in the future.

Additionally, it is powered, this is simply not some thing that you are able to take about with you… but then again, when will you additionally carry an track and keyboard?


It's obvious that your phone will get hot in this moment, which explains why the reason Samsung has made the dock somewhat cooler as well for the handset whenever it really is working to secure you taking care of records a-plenty.

User interface

As soon as the telephone is pumped in, you're met together with all the loading screen to the track. This is a expertise to get the mobile to boot in to the style in comparison to the way swiftly programs open onto your own telephones, however in terms of opening up a PC it's pretty rapid.


You are greeted with a exact Windows-like setting to use, which is some thing that's been inserted into Android for a little while (we have observed exactly the same with apparatus like the Sony Xperia Z4 tablet previously as well ).

However, now that men and women are becoming used to making use of Google Docs and Sheets from the cloud, then this can be pretty much together using Android apps running out there as well.

There's a good menu at the corner for all your programs, such as Windows' startmenu, and it's very simple to move open and through everything you need.


Throughout the demonstration, there clearly were a few jumps and lags from the smoothness of closing and opening apps, or so the mouse going windows round the webpage — it's less slick like a notebook.


But in the same time, whatever that was needed to become demonstrated — mostly opening files, and that's exactly what many would largely do this — worked just about flawlessly.


There's also the complete package of Microsoft Office apps on the market, this means you have everything you could need to work with anything that's been emailed for you.

Samsung additionally noticed that the samsung-galaxy S8 may run total Windows apps if connected using your remote desktop, since it's partnered with Citrix and Amazon Workspaces to make it possible for one to find out what is going on along with your'appropriate' computer and operate it from your phone.

This was probably the most impressive portion of the demo, as after you place this desktop computer into full screen you are in a position to interact with Mac or your PC without any issues. It's unlikely this would get the job done all the time, but it.

The phone inside

The thing concerning Samsung DeX is that your phone will get the job done as generally at the background, with the handset still doing of its updating that is normal and getting telephone calls on.

The notification bar opens up in the bottom righthand corner, which means that you could shoot and receive calls and (presumably, but maybe perhaps not displayed ) make and answer to messages through the total computer keyboard.

If you have to make the the call more confidential, then a easy tug of this device out that the dock will let you take the conversation through the handset although again this is really just a slow transition, with all the phone requiring roughly four moments before you could commence speaking, which may be a number of years to receive the individual on the other end to hold back for.


When the Galaxy S-8 is re connected, the desktop environment is unaltered, that will be striking .

Historical verdict

We are mentioned earlier, together with apparatus like that offered by big makes and never taking off. But there is some thing regarding the Samsung DeX which seems to be a measure of progress… we're impressed.

Perhaps it's the simple fact that the entire globe is more au fait with working in the cloud, so which Chromebooks are an notebook substitute.


But there didn't seem to become missing from what we might want out of the computer that could be dealt with via a remote desktop and after linking the Galaxy S 8 but the demand for photo-manipulation, with DeX .

If only Samsung could make a notebook recorder edition of this, a vacant casing that's powered by the phone… this could almost be the headline of the entire launching.

But even Samsung has established the smartphone is really a PC rival, and also the day where we throw our mobiles onto a wireless charging pad and also possess the total variety of needs firing is a step nearer.


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