Fingers on: Sony WF-XB700 Actually Wireless Head Phones Inspection



Having only paid attention to them to get a few hours, the Sony WF-XB700 have far left a very superior opinion on us. They've a fun, energetic excellent, feel comfortable throughout long listening sessions plus possess an joint battery life. We really don't really like their lack of noise-cancellation and their form, however, all these could very well be the second-best true wireless earbuds of Sony.


  • Cozy match
  • Punchy bass
  • IPX4 rating

in Opposition to

  • Peculiar Layout
  • Limited Play-back controllers
  • No noise cancellation

For years, Sony tried to produce exactly the wireless ear buds. It followed it up using the sports-focused Sony WF-SP700N and started its own attempts. Neither had been at the very top of the class, also held a candle into their Apple AirPods.

But matters are getting better. This past 12 months we have the virtually ideal Sony WF-1000XM3 with active noise cancellation and, just coming on shelves today, the affordable Sony WF-XB700 which seems to offer you a cozy match, weatherproof, bass-heavy noise along with an IPX4 rating having a combined 18 hrs of battery lifetime between the buds and also the situation.

We've never invested a ton of time using it but so far Sony wireless buds really feel as an noticeable improvement on the and WF-SP700N, and might well be our Sony wireless ear buds.

Release date and cost

The Sony WF-XB700 could be the most recent add-on of earbuds and headphones and premiered in April 2020. The ear buds ended up announced alongside the Sony WH-CH710N noise canceling head phones, also also hit on shelves across an identical period, far too.

In terms of pricing, the Sony WF-XB700 are just one of Sony's more affordable true wireless ear-buds and arrive at $129 (#130, around AU$200). That's a sizable savings when compared with the $199 (#169,'' AU$319) Sony WF-1000XM3, but bear in mind the latter gets busy racket cancellation whereas the former does not.

In contrast to additional authentic wireless ear buds, the Sony WF-XB700 is suitable around the middle of the pack, and is actually a bit more affordable compared to the $139 (#159,'' AU$239) Apple AirPods that dominates the exact form variable when it comes to earnings. A savings would be a superior advantage in this rivalry although it truly is really tricky to examine them without spending time with Sony's buds.



How Sony made these ear buds kinda create them feel a bit additional space-agey than other authentic wireless ear-buds it has produced in the past that have alternatively strove to become more sporty and slick. That is since Sony has usually opted for buds that are rounded, oblong, and that the outside is an nearly satellite-esque round disc that hosts just two buttons while the WF-XB700 possess an egg-shaped interior part that sits within your ear.

What exactly these programs do isn't all that intuitive initially, however about the abandoned ear-bud you have mass up/down and on the proper you have bypass and play/pause. It is maybe not super crystal obvious out of the box to do all that, although It's possible to even use these to trigger your voice assistant and accept calls.

If you boil them down to their nuts and bolts, then there's three important areas to these ear buds: the tip that is suitable for in the ear canal, the centre segment that homes the motorists sits inside the ear and the outer shell which houses the battery life. This layout is — also is inclined to be polarizing for people who want sleek buds — but it will involve a few edges.

First of all of these strengths is in the place where they rest, the fact that they need to actually fully fulfill the ear canal and ear. That secure feeling and their weight tends to make them incredibly comfy and easy to use for very extended periods, and also also the tight seal aids them seem great. Sony also includes.

The other advantage of these style and layout is they could fit a battery in the buds. According to Sony, this battery life is about nine hours over a single fee, and an extra nine hours using an charging instance, bringing the total to 18 hrs per day. That the most effective available on the market. By contrast, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus supply 1-1 hours playback outside their case whereas the Apple AirPods simply offer approximately 5 hours of audio play back till they will need to go back their case.

Discussing of cases that ships with the Sony WF-XB700 is quite slim and uses a more translucent cover which enables one to observe the charging standing of the ear buds while in the instance. Assessing the billing process is not as simple as snapping the buds and waiting to go on. To recharge the case and the budsplug them to an open USB interface in your own computer with all the furnished USB to USB C cable.



So how do they sound? Effectively, being a portion of the Extra Bass show we were stressed that they'd seem bloated and restricted. Happily, they're anything but.

First thing which you're going to notice when listening for these is that your bass — it really is definitely current — however it's accomplished in a way that feels tight and punchy as opposed to bloated and bloated. The result is music which is actually quite fun to tune in to… even supposing it's not quite the sound the artist intended.

The drawback is that the mid century will take a bang : Listening to YouTube video clips is noticeably simpler round the plank compared to playing audio, and the less-powerful midrange is to blame there.

That doesn't imply Netflix or YouTube are hopeless to pay attention to, they're not, but nevertheless, it will be nice if there was a means to modify the EQ based around the type of content material playing say , through Sony's head phones app.

Of course, Sony seems to want these to be music-focused with them doubling as a fitness companion — that's why they are IPX4 sweat- and – chilled. They also seem to get a relatively stable connection predicated in our short time with them walking round our house using our phone in one room, we did not experience any hint of dropout — but they're not noise cancelling, therefore be ready to hear most discussions going about nearby.

The fantastic news is their built-in mics are excellent. We took people we spoke with stated they seemed fine some telephone calls with the buds also, for the most part. That is a reduction because some folks have had issues together with other Sony cans' integrated mics in the past, however report some other anomalies again we'll carry on to make use of them.

Last however, therefore far that the battery life has now held up into this ear-buds' ability when taken off your ear to go to some low-power mode, many thanks to no little part to the claim of eight hours per fee. Auto-off can be a power-saver that is huge, therefore it's amazing to see it used here.

Historical verdict

As soon as it's simple to focus on some of the negatives like lack luster mid range, the design and too little noise rescue, these ear buds have a lot. Frankly these really are Apple AirPods competitors: they're the price that is right, have the noise and even have a battery life that is improved.

So far although we will wish to carry on to follow them on the forthcoming days the Sony WF-XB700 are in line to be our Sony wireless ear buds that are true.


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