Interview: Uncharted 2 almost ditched Shangri La to Get Thor's Hammer


As it arrived on the scene in '09, Uncharted two garnered praise. It absolutely was lauded because of great voice acting, its and varied surroundings.

These environments will have been different was the staff followed closely with its aims to make Uncharted 2 about Thor's Hammer.

"We actually did theory went pretty deep down that highway," Uncharted 4 director Neil Druckmann told techradar in a meeting.

Even the"Thor's Hammer" theory was among many ideas on the desk for the match before the staff chose to base the game off of James Hilton's metropolis of internal treasure and tranquility he named Shangri-La.

"the best means todo this is you attract as a number of the ideas to the table as possible and get,'suppose it was this 1?'" Druckmann explained. "You move down that street for awhile before you hit on a wallor drop interest, but you look at the following one and go down this street for awhile and also do theory art and narrative exploration."

"In another dimension that exists, you'll be able to play with it."

'Not' the Final Us

All this talk of chances given a segue to explore still yet another name that Druckmann is aware something about: '' The Last people 2.

"I have mentioned previously from the past which we've been taking care of The Last folks 2," Druckmann explained. "Before Bruce [Straley] and I came on Uncharted 4 we were working on prototypes for different thoughts over the world of The Final of Us or unique thoughts out the genre, and all those things were abandoned on hold once we came to Uncharted 4"

On grip, maybe, but maybe not lifeless.

"Our second attention would be that the self-improvement growth for Uncharted 4. Afterward, when we've sufficient resources, we'll rekindle those old prototypes, determine we're at and go from there."

Prior to the announcement of Druckmann to day, The Last month people franchise's destiny was uncertain originating from voice celebrity Nolan North who stated within a Q&A session in MetroCon he would be returning to work to the franchise.


Crash Bandicoot in VR (just kidding!)

When asked concerning the capacity of turning Naughty puppy series like Uncharted, The Final folks or Jak and Daxter to digital reality encounters, yet, Druckmann didn't divulge information.

"I could see this occurring. I just do not see that happening right now," Druckmann stated. "But I am personally extremely enthusiastic for VR. I am eager to play these games that were announced and a few who have not been"

It appears like there's no play-station VR version of Crash Bandicoot from the functions.

"Our second target is supporting multi-player and developing that the single-player expansion we've intended for Uncharted 4. So that is where the tools are going to proceed before whatever else"

Ultimately, we spoke about the play-station 4.5, the very first key revision of the PS-4 that promises higher-fidelity games and a lot more processing capability for virtual reality reality — even or so the rumors go.

"I actually don't know exactly what to say about it. Like a developer, I'm always excited about new technology — whether it's VR or that theoretical thing or PS9 — I will be excited about it."

Druckmann reasoned,"We're just now starting to exploit the power of the PS-4 for this particular specific match. And there's still a lot more for all of us ."


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