Kyocera's Kyoto Opal enriches Yamaha Xeno's 20th anniversary limited Variant Trombone


Kyocera's proprietary Kyoto Opal is included within an limited edition trombone. The artificial opal content, showcasing particular radiance, is employed at the counter-weight and thumb activate — incorporating a more lavish texture towards the trombone's layout which appropriately fits with all the product theory as a distinctive edition (YSL-882O20TH) marking the 20th anniversary of Yamaha's Xeno collection.
Yamaha_Xeno_20th_anniversary_kyoto_opalTwo forms of Kyoto Opal are employed in the trombone: The plastic type containing flexibility and applicability to wide are as is used from the Counterweight; and also the resin-impregnated variety with different rich and subtle hues is traditionally used in the thumb activate.
Untitled-3Kyoto Opal is just a faux opal material developed by Kyocera using a unique aesthetic quality that cannot be duplicated by additional wrought iron resin-based products. Employing special colour techniques, Kyocera generates Kyoto Opal in a selection of rich and subtle colours and tints.The new trombone model-YSL-882O20TH, marking the 20th anniversary of Yamaha's Xeno collection can be found in the united states, Europe, Japan(somewhere around for 405,000 yen -$3734) and other asiapacific countries.


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