Micro Soft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard review: Wise Style, steep learning curve


Micro Soft lets you know up front its purpose to the Sulpt Ergonomic Keyboard wi-fi keyboard-and-mouse combo. It re-imagines the shape of the computer peripherals that are most-used to either check or decrease the ramifications of repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Behind the scenes, Microsoft dubbed that the computer keyboard"Manta Ray" for obvious reasons. Its partly divided style bends up the keys and toward the cutaway, inducing the picture of this sea animal and its particular fins that are own winged. It measures just more than 15 inches round and includes a full collection of alphanumeric and function keys. As a lot of computer replacements perform microsoft lopped the number pad off to conserve space. Rather than dispense with it nevertheless, it includes it once needed like a separate module that may be pulled out of a drawer .

That the computer keyboard is powered by A pair of AAA batteries; they're comprised in the package and you also have to put in them. The mouse and number pad operate using AA batteries and also a lithiumion battery that is single however all these two really are preinstalled and also you also just have to remove their battery up tabs. A small USB dongle cleverly stored in the mouse's battery compartment for safe-keeping and is also contained when not being used.


Split keyboards require getting used to, and also the Sculpt is no exclusion. The secrets climb toward the cutaway to meet your palms and lessen. This produces your home row position very snug, with wrists depended on the slopes of their wrist break. But typing immediately posed several challenges.

Right off the bat I'd trouble always hitting on the"B's" crucial, over-shooting it more than half of the moment. I had greater chance once I employed since it seemed to tip the secret, the magnetically attachable riser contained with the kit. But just time let me obtain the hang of it. I also had problems with out raising my fingers in the home row, reaching the Shift key with my pinky, and never did get some easier.

Several keys, actually, seemed to require more stretching in place of less, most notably the"T" and"Y" keys. This without doubt has to do these keys just about every and every lie at the summit of the Sculpt about the edge of cut away. Microsoft built these keys and also the others along the cut-away compared to the dimension of the others to produce them easily reachable, however their position still felt unnatural.


During the time that I got used to a lot of the keyboard quirks, however, they slowed me to the very first week or so, a challenge compounded.

The accompanying mouse of Even the Sculpt has gotten any negative suggestions, but I found it quite comfy to use. The oval shape fit in my hand and retained my own hands from coming to contact with table or the desk. Both buttons and scrollwheel are all put for your index and middle fingers, plus it includes a Windows button for access into this startmenu. It monitored smoothly on quite a few surfacesI used it on the arm of a leather recliner without no issues. The single drawback may be in the event that you should be a lefty, that the thumb cut away, which is positioned to get users, and therefore do not eliminate your current mouse.


I liked the Sculpt's durable and considerate style and design and style. However, minus the pain of an RSI that I simply didn't possess the incentive to work to conform my own studying to its unconventional layout. If you do suffer with RSI or are at risk for it, though, you will pro locate the learning curve really.

Even the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is actually a welcome alternative to conventional desktop computer configurations for RSI sufferers.


  • Developed for ergonomic comfort
  • Includes different collection pad
  • Uncomplicated setup


  • Particular design can be challenging for signature typists to master quickly
  • No more Back-lighting

Source: pcworld.com

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