Netgear Nighthawk ProGaming XR500 review: A Terrific router for gamers, but it struggles at Scope


A classy interface and Superior QoS Configurations, However wireless Functionality Can be better at range

Together with the debut of wireless mesh devices, there imperative to improve your router. After a mesh system improves one's router's 1 part which is likely to create the issues: that the wireless relationship. Even the Nighthawk Professional Gaming XR500 is different, utilizing the DumaOS functioning system to offer features not seen before over a router.

A number of the characteristics are geared toward gamers, but the bandwidth controls and interface may appeal.

Netgear Nighthawk Pro Films XR500 evaluation: Installation and also characteristics

Considering it's a gambling router, the XR500 isn't too substantial or overblown. In actuality, it comes with a quite refined appearance. Setup is straightforward. To begin with, you have to screw into the four antennas; so as the 2 side antennas possess a longer connector, make certain you get the perfect choice attached to the vent that is correct.

Next, you use an Ethernet cable to plug in the router into your modem, then hook up any wired apparatus you have (there are four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces ), and you are all set.

When the router boots up, it requires you by means of a quick configuration wizard, so getting you attached into the internet, and modifying the default option (but protected ) network names and passwords into something you prefer. It even is sensible to use exactly precisely the password and name as your previous router's wireless network, therefore and never needing to be reconfigured devices and the router will connect.

Some of the many impressive features of those router may be the Geo-Filter. If playing games that are on line, if you're a ways from the server, you could suffer from inferior functionality. Games don't supply an option to play with on servers that are community, however the XR500 does.

You can use the slider to specify a distance of servers that you're delighted to play with, When you have decided on your place. You're able to put the foundation with the exact distance, too, restricting it to area for titles, also widening the internet to get a match. The listing of supported games is large, however, primarily aimed at games. The games tend to own localised servers to expel these issues.

More interesting are the product grade of service (QoS) controls, which move beyond and far those found in most routers). The standout function is Anti-Bufferbloat, that will be intended to avoid a single apparatus from hogging your online relationship.

On the rate test runs in your line and you may secure a slider to select the sum of bandwidth which any 1 apparatus can use. If games are being played, this can either be lasting or just.

Putting it to permanent means that your download rates will probably be capped. Since speeds are worthwhile it to guarantee a smoother experience for most all users to your own mind, that's perhaps maybe not really a gigantic problem.

Netgear Nighthawk Pro Films XR500 review: Overall Functionality

Analyzing on our connection, with no we handled rates of upload and 72Mbits/sec rates of 16Mbits/sec. Putting Anti-Bufferbloat to permit a maximum of 70 percent of the rates, we have download speeds of add and 47Mbits/sec speeds of 11Mbits/sec. That leaves plenty of bandwidth send mails or so on.

Impressively, you may set the bandwidth that all device can utilize, also. Even the XR500 additionally just allows you to set the maximum in the utmost level put in Anti-Bufferbloat, avoiding any one apparatus from hogging all bandwidth.

Like every other router, the XR500 operates beyond these two capabilities that are fancy. You'll find settings for drive sharing and interface forwarding, and there's an option for BT IGMP proxying, allowing the router work. We were amazed that it worked right.

Wireless station variety is put to Automobile over the 2.4GHz group, using a highest throughput set to 800Mbit/sec. The 5GHz band is set to station forty four.


Analyzing over the 5GHz station we watched operation dip finished range. Starting at near variety we watched rates of 400Mbits/sec and download rates of 690Mbits/sec, and it is fast. On the very first floor, rates dropped to a upload speed of 192Mbits/sec plus also a rate of 318Mbits/sec. Around the next ground, rates were only add and 196Mbits/sec down load.

It turned out to be the same story to the 2.4GHz band: at close range we watched upload rates of 124Mbits/sec and down load speeds of 117Mbits/sec; on the very first ground we saw 66Mbits/sec upload and 71Mbits/sec download speeds; and on the next floorwe watched 55Mbits/sec add and 55Mbits/sec download rates.

It will not create the router perhaps maybe not well value acquiring. For avid players with all connections, there's nothing in this way router, and also for a home that is smaller, the close-range rates are all excellent. For bigger homes that want more control more bandwidth usage, the XR500 can do a wonderful position, however it paired with a mesh platform.


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