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Introduction, layout and characteristics

A cheap #125 tablet with 6GB and 4G of data thrown in. That is the Vodafone Tab Speed 6. It appears to be a bargain — but even at such a minimal price point your competition is quite tight.

For proof of that you simply need to have a wander over to your most useful inexpensive pills guide, where you are going to locate the Amazon hearth HD 6 for #45 much less with specs that are similar, albeit having a somewhat smaller display without a 4G.

Afterward there's the EE Harrier Tab, a competitor network's offering that's nolonger available on pay as you go, but which comes at a related arrangement price yet boasts far higher specs.

The I pad mini 2 are available for only #sixty five longer in the event you look around, therefore suddenly the Vodafone Tab Speed 6 will not seem like quite such a good-value suggestion.

However, while the 1.3GHz quadcore processor, 1GB of RAM along with 8.0-inch 1,280 x 800 screen do not make for its best back-of-the-box readingspecs simply tell a lot of the story. What exactly does the Vodafone Tab Speed 6 possess hidden depths, as it's cheap, or is it compromised?


Style and design

Even the Vodafone Tab Rate 6 actually doesn't make a terrible first impression. It really is plastic through and through — very well, perhaps maybe not literally; this wouldbe wildly impractical — but the spine is plastic. Vinyl and Boring.

It is not convincing, although it seems like it could be aiming to get a look. It's also swift to choose up marks and smudges, also has a few distinguishing capabilities — a 5MP digital camera lens, that juts out worryingly, a Vodafone emblem, coated slots to get a microSD card and SIM card, and also a little speaker.


Appears to be a impression ? Nonetheless, it is maybe not — not considering that which the Tab Rate 6 costs, any way.

Yesit's vinyl, however it still seems strong and well constructed, and the advantages have a gentle curve in their mind that lets the background sit in the hand, and it has got a reassuring amount of heft to it in 330g. It's just really a little bit slick, but given than it can be that the price that's far less of a worry.

The very front is plainer, with just the screen and bezels. The bezels aren't miniature, but they aren't massive either, as well as a certain amount of bezel is needed to a pill computer, since it offers you some thing to transport.


Overall the Vodafone Tab Rate 6 has a functional rather than fashionable look, but it's understated and smart.

It's also simple to operate. Its 8.0-inch screen may make it fairly compact — it's still too significant to use one-handed, but you also can thankfully toss it into a tote and forget you're even carrying it while the power and quantity buttons, that are around the ideal border when the pill is held in portrait orientation, are simple to attain.

Essential features

There aren't a massive amount of standout features . The price is the Vodafone Tab Speed 6 feature, plus that price that is low is achieved by it at the cost of the rest feature-wise.

The addition of 4G may be worth a mention, however, considering that maybe not all of pills have that, particularly low-end types, and its inclusion here makes feel as it's really a low-cost manner for people to jump onto Vodafone's network.

But then again, I really can't help experiencing that most people who are fine with shelling out every month would probably be okay with investing a little additional upfront to get much better components.

In case you would like a low-cost record that the Tab Rate 6 certainly ticks those containers. Coupled with all the size it also makes some feel for a tablet youhave the ability to become complete usage from if there's not any Wi-Fi personally and still'd extract and about with you.


The dilemma is it's never likely to be that pleasant to use. Just take the monitor, and it is a key feature of your pill . It has merely 1,280 x 800.

That's lower resolution compared to the FullHD EE Harrier Tab and also the sadly stopped Tesco Hudl 2, and the exact very same resolution whilst the much cheaper Amazon Fire H D 6 — and the resolution functions to the fireplace's screen as it has packaged into a bigger 6-inch dimensions, however disperse across 8 inches it truly is definitely lacking.


While it is still perfectly useable, what out of gambling to web browsing looks a ton worse than it could, and still left me feeling as if I'd much rather just do these things in my mobile which currently isn't a high-end a single particular.

And don't even think about utilizing the Vodafone Tab Speed 6 outside. While it is possible to just about observe the screen in case you twist up the brightness to max, it really is exceptionally reflective.

In fairness to the Speed 6, a number different slates offer 4G at this low selling value, plus it has arguably an improvement in the Vodafone Tab Prime 6, which delivers the very same meagre resolution display in a much larger dimension.

But in case you are desperate for 4G on the cheap I'd say either spend more or less live without itbecause the Tab Rate 6 is not strong enough for people'important functions' to perform to it.

Specs and performance

At #125 you not expecting far from your Vodafone Tab Speed the performance of 6, and you'd be not to. In some ways it is far better than that I predicted — just in some cases.

It uses a 1.3GHz quadcore Snapdragon 2-10 chip, which is low-end yet you look at it, combined with only 1GB of RAM. That is all about the minimum I'd expect to find at 20-16, but it's adequate to readily run Android lolli-pop .

Apps load with under a moment's delay a lot of some time, and swiping round the home displays is easy. Even jumping in between apps has a tendency to be rapidly — at least it can be once the multi-tasking display populates, that can sometimes take a couple seconds.


Gaming performance is not good. Stick to casual games and you will be fine, however Asphalt 8, by way of instance, appeared fairly horrible, due to some combo of the monitor and the preferences being dialled down and so the slate could cope; nonetheless afterward performance was definately not sleek, however it was at least playable.

1095 was averaged by the Tab Speed 6 at Geekbench 3 tests. That's pretty low. The Amazon hearth HD 6, when compared with averaged 1476 — also remember there is a lower-cost background, even though it's a marginally speedier 1.5GHz quadcore processor.

The Tesco Hudl two also beats it using a substantial 2147 multicore score and a 792 single-core effect — and also that you don't even desire to know what the EE Harrier Tab scored. Oh, you really do? 23-24 sound? Yes, this is a slate, however, not so.


Fortunately, performance is not a lot an issue the moment it has to do with the different thing you are very likely to want touse the Tab Speed 6 to: consuming copious amounts of content.

The monitor, as discussed earlier, can be just a limiting element here, even though the shortage of payoff just isn't as apparent as when you're gaming or browsing.

Together side the fairly weak and back firing solitary speaker that means you may not get the absolute most from bombastic actions pictures in the Tab velocity 6, but for TV shows and much more low-key articles that it will get the work done.

If you want to store your websites anyplace you have integrated to play together with. There's also a micro sd card slot, also giving you the space to bulk up your collection, although This won't go far.

Navigating to a content is painless too, since the port sticks closely to inventory Android lolli-pop. There's no Marshmallow the following and as it's such a low-end apparatus I'm not super-optimistic about it being updated — but even on lolli pop it is tidy, intuitive and easy to navigate.


The sole real way in the port strays from Android 5 is the fact that the furthest-left household screen is utilized by Flipboard, bringing news and information tailored to you. It looks fine on the display that measurement, however as it's a program you are able to merely download from Google engage in it is maybe not specially advantageous.

It truly is maybe not that intrusive though, since you can delete it, at which the event that far screen gets utilized with Google Now instead.

There certainly really are a couple of Vodafone programs — just one which high lights other Vodafone apps you can down load, and also a second that has a store front for accessories. These include absolutely nothing but they can easily be ignored plus a number of them are able to even be manually deleted.

The most important issue using the interface is that it seems a bit. Navigation controls could sometimes stay on screen when playing a game, obscuring some of the content; movies would play sound however not display the picture; and also programs appeared on higher than just a few instances.

These are they truly are a little nuisance.

Battery camera and life

Battery life

When it regards battery lifetime the Vodafone Tab Speed 6 is commendable. Managing our 90-minute video evaluation with all the monitor at full brightness and Wi-Fi drained it from 100% to 76 percent — a decline of 24%.

This is just a small worse compared to high tablet computers including the i-pad Air two , that fell just 21 percent, but beats lots of funding slates. Even the EE Harrier Tab, as an example, dropped 3 2% and also the Tesco Hudl two lost a gigantic 37 percent of its juice.


In overall use the slate held up well. By Actively playing Asphalt 8 for 30 minutes at brightness, just 10% were knocked off the battery life such as.

The fall will be even significantly less when watching videos and with nearly all apps, therefore using mixed use you should be able to receive seven or eight hours outside of this especially in case it's the case that you never max-out the brightness — even but you may possibly need to, since the screen around the Tab Speed 6 doesn't go all that glowing from the first location.


The tablet's stamina is especially notable considering it has a juice pack that is 4050mAh. That's smaller compared to the 4650mAh battery at the EE Harrier Tab, and also much more compact compared to the 6470mAh unit at the i-pad miniature 2. It truly is comfortably above average, although it really is perhaps not one of the most useful we have tested.

Despite the small battery, however, that the Vodafone Tab Rate 6 takes quite a significant amount of time for you to control — and the only real way to conserve life after it runs low, other than to use itis to leverage Android lolli pop 's quite essential battery-saver mode, which restricts the pill's already caked functionality.


You will most likely not be astonished to know this the Vodafone Tab Speed 6 will not have a excellent camera… whatsoever.


That is perhaps not the world's conclusion. If you're using a digital camera onto the tablet then you are probably carrying out life erroneous, but a few slates do at least have acceptable snappers — oversize, impractical and no game for most tablets , but okay. The digicam on your Vodafone Tab pace 6, however, is not acceptable at all.

There's a 5 mp snapper about the back and a 2MP one on the front, and this is worse than you will discover around the EE Harrier Tab, however better on paper compared to the Amazon hearth H D 6'so installment.


You also get many preferences to perform with, in the handful of manners like night and automobile to a manual selection which enables you to tweak vulnerability, white balance and the ISO.

If the results are lacklustre, though Not one of this helps.

The problem can be that the almost entire lack of detail within the desktop, however if the light is so robust or dim the camera can fight to even bring out details in the foreground. Low light is particularly debatable, especially given that the deficiency of a flash.

The real time shots turn well is in close up, but the thing here is the Tab Speed 6 genuinely struggles to focus, so it's hardwork, while you can wrestle your way to an shot.






Even the Vodafone Tab Rate 6 aims to stick out by means of also a low cost of only # 125 plus a combo of 4G connectivity. But to get there it's had to cut a whole lot of corners, either on all from the display screen for the cam and also the processor.

Even at a very low cost that is perhaps not excusable, especially as rivalry is ferocious at the end of this marketplace, but solid and a battery life develop ensure it isn't really a total misfire.

We liked

There is an above-average amount of juice at the Vodafone Tab Speed 6, even despite its battery that is quite small. It really is longer lasting compared to budget slates and should only about see you through a movie marathon, although it wont be tablets on top of the pile.

In addition, it is inexpensive, of class — notably to get. As it opens a whole environment of media onto the road, This might be enough to lure a few buyers.

The build is acceptable to get a slate of this selling price tag. It's reliable, with a design that is plain but sturdy As soon as it.

We loathed

Even the Vodafone Tab Speed 6 screen can be really a issue. It really is reflective and low-resolution, and honestly just not very fun to use. I had always quite have a screen that is sharper, even when that means it's to become bigger, as on the Amazon fireplace HD 6 or perhaps a smartphone.

The Tab Speed 6 is not currently packing a lot of power either. Its gambling operation isn't good, and it puts at a bad series in terms of benchmarks, although it feasible when you are utilizing apps or navigating your dwelling screens.

The camera is poor, and also the software was glitchy in my time with the pill.


If you really want 4G at a tablet and can't stretch to the EE Harrier Tab afterward, properly, the Vodafone Tab Speed 6 will do the key but that is all about the closest thing to a recommendation I can muster.

Battery life is just normal, therefore it could help keep you entertained all day, but using dodgy efficiency and a screen your standards for leisure might need to be lower.

You may receive by spending a bit additional, or settle to a background that is strong if your budget is actually fixed. The Vodafone Tab Speed 6 isn't a tragedy for the price, however it's under powered, uninspiring and unlikely to find many enthusiasts.

Resource: techradar.com

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