SpotCam HD Eva review: The Protection features are good, but the Program isn't


This Dropcam disciple offers 24hour recording, pan-and-tilt, and motion/audio detection. But some awkward app functions keep it.

SpotCam can be a relatively new entrant from the do it yourself safety sweepstakes, giving a trio of HD (720p) in door and outdoor cameras. The 160 SpotCam HD Eva appears to muscle mass in–perhaps literally, even given its bulky body–on the crowded Dropcam/Nestcam space with desirable features such as 24hour continuous recording and aerodynamic pan/tilt. A couple of peccadilloes, however, retain it .

You can ignore concealing the SpotCam H D Eva in sight–there is practically nothing inconspicuous concerning it camera; it the bulkiest we've reviewed thus far. The head is bigger than a tennis ball–that is normally the greatest relative size we all determine DIY safety cams–and the base is virtually as large. In actuality, it pretty much looks as if they piled two of exactly precisely the same modules on top of the other.

Inside that head can be the IP digital camera ringed with 18 LEDs for nighttime vision. The camera also comes with a area.

It's not, you can take advantage of this SpotCam Eva features. Employing net app or the mobile, you may pan the camera 360 degrees–180 degrees in both way –tilt it up 50 levels, or down 20 degrees. Motorized pan-and-tilt is also a great element for monitoring pets or (preferably not) intruders as they proceed during your house.

SpotCam HD Eva also contains microphone and a speaker, and that means you may communicate in your home or even scare off burglars with your audio. And, like all SpotCam's, Eva can be employed with IFTTT recipes to join along with additional smart-home devices, for example Philips Hue lighting, Nest Labs' Nest Protect smoke/CO detector, along with Amazon's Alexa digital helper.


All surveillance footage is listed to SpotCam's cloud servers, so and buyers obtain the SpotCam are living which keeps a rolling 2 4 hours of records free of charge. To save more, you're need to purchase one of those SpotCam NVR bundles: 3 Day recording for $3.95 per month or $39/year, 7-day recording for $5.95 per or $59/year, or 30-day recording for $19.95 a month or $199/yearper cent

Installation and Utilization

Setting SpotCam H D Eva up is simple, however it's clunky. Employing the program that is SpotCam , I had to to connect the camera into SpotCam's wi fi tap in the options of my phone to find my system. As soon as I entered my password, I then needed to reverse a button onto the back of the camera put it into"customer" mode just prior to toggling straight back into the SpotCam app to wait in order for it to connect.

Confirmation this rigmarole worked is still a taken from the live feed shown about the SpotCam app's home display of the camera. Tapping on this film takes you .

Even the Spotcam app remains clear and instinctive, though only your tiny unpolished. Directly beneath the feed window are icons for turning audio and away, shooting photographs of this feed, and also also a 30-second display. There's also a button for sharing accessibility into this camera in case you would like multiple family associates to peek in on the homestead. Tapping this opens a window where you input the party's current email address, then customise a number of access preferences , and add an invite .


The bottom half of this screen includes a vertically scrolling timeline and icons for seeing a chronology of discovered noise and motion events, activating the mike, opening the settings tab, and getting back to the live stream.

Both live and video were so energetic and both eloquent . Even in mode, the picture had good comparison with plenty of depth. Also the Eva's showed warping, although many well-intentioned lenses suffer from distortions around the edges of the picture.

You control the camera feature by swiping or in the mode on the feed image that is . This operation is more scarcely accurate. In theory, the period of one's own swipe needs to determine just how much the digital camera pans or tilts (the app exhibits the level of spinning ). However, on occasion the digital camera rotating would be sent at off the a hundred and eighty degrees, even though what seemed like a swipe could budge by the slightest swipe. Other times, the program would not respond to swiping.


Even the SpotCam HD Eva may detect both motion and sound–the latter will be an incentive since you're still getting some protection in case some thing really is happening beyond the camera field of view. Detection alerts have been accurate and timely . Even the SpotCam program delivers a decent amount of customization to lower the prevalence of false alarms: You may established movement and sound sensitivity to non, ordinary, or high, and also select into alarmed to motion or audio events, or perhaps both. You might even schedule alerts to be deactivated for the duration of certain hours or days, this usually means that you may not will need to unplug the digicam when you're dwelling.

When a meeting is discovered, it truly is inserted into case log. You tap on the big event icon and choose the big event to find video clip of the activity. You are able to also access recorded events from the feed display by sliding via the timeline, but pinpoint accuracy is demanding on a cell phone's tiny display. Sometimes attempting to look at videos in this manner led to the app to close and reboot.

Even though you will see recorded videos on your SpotCam cellphone app, you can not down load them. For that you have to sign into to the SpotCam web portal (that contains the same features because the program ) and create a video in the own clips. Once you choose a predetermined period of time, you can decide to generate a"ordinary" or time-lapsed video. The outcome is stored to your folder known as My movie on the portal, from which you are able to down load the movie clip into the local drive.

Important Thing

Even the SpotCam H D Eva has all of the makings of standout home security cameraunfortunately, a few flaws in implementation hinder its own performance. Its bulky, nondescript style and layout is curious considering how much accent other suppliers –MyFox and Neatmo in particular–have put to the aesthetics of their products. The clumsy pan-and-tilt operation reduces what ought to be a stand out feature, and the requirement to"make" an video seems just like extra work.

Perhaps these factors will undoubtedly be improved the line down. If you can forget them at the meantime, SpotCam Echo nonetheless offers powerful security to get an affordable cost.

In the event that you may miss a few shortcomings in implementation, Spotcam HD Eva presents stable stability for that purchase price.


  • HD movie (720p)
  • Motion and noise detection
  • Free of Charge 24-hour continuous recording


  • Bulky industrial layout
  • Imprecise pan-and-tilt
  • You need to"create" downloadable video from surveillance clips


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