Turtle seashore Stealth 300 Review



  • Outstanding noise for the purchase
  • Four different music options to pick from
  • Comfortable to wear for prolonged sessions


  • Design isn't very captivating
  • more affordable economical in certain places
  • Sound profiles aren't very special

Crucial Features

  • Evaluation Cost: #69.99
  • Wired Gaming Headset
  • PS 4, x-box One along with Nintendo Switch Service
  • 50mm Audio motorists

What is your Turtle Beach Stealth 300?

Turtle Beach has become a family name from gaming peripherals for years now's area, cementing itself using a wide assortment of budget and high-end products. Head sets play with a large role within this space, with multitude apparatus obtainable for Xbox and PS4 a single.

The Turtle beach front Stealth 300 is the most latest. It sits between Stealth 600s and also Re-Con 200s regarding quality and price. The Stealth 300 can be a strong headset, although it isn't with no defects. Players looking for a headset that is speedy, simple to prepare and utilize can not go wrong here. But you have to be warned the price that is fair means it comes with compromises and the conventional audio you obtain in the very affordable end of the marketplace.


Turtle Beach Stealth 300 — Design and Style

Turtle Beach moved for a design with the Stealth 300. The frame is made out of tough, matte plastic which ends in a headset which seems economical to grip and also put on. It cozy to wear thanks to the broad ear cups which can be corrected to satisfy your head measurement.

It will not be winning any awards for beauty, and the inability to fold the Stealth 300 up and soda it in your backpack is a important drawback for those expecting to use the headset to matters apart from internet gambling.

As a wired headset, the Stealth 300 doesn't rely upon a charge that is short-term. You trigger a duo of switches on the left side for power, volume options and obtaining the microphone that is seamless. The microphone function isn't activated until you lean it .

Without carrying it off mainly it truly is somewhat tough to fix settings on the headset. But on the other hand, those that utilize glasses (myself included) won't will need to worry about impending headaches during long drama sessions, so because it will not put stress over the arms of those.


Turtle Seaside Stealth 300 — Audio

Tested primarily with Marvel's Spider-Man and Overwatch, the Turtle beach front Stealth 300 supplies audio if communicate with mates while scrambling for your own payload or you're expecting to pick out the details within an abysmal score.

It has four distinct pre-sets — Signature audio, Bass Boost, Bass, Treble Boost, and Unusual improve — that target to emphasise many characteristics. Many of the developments have been bolstered by the power amp, allowing improvements stereo cans goes with no having.

I came across Signature audio to be the best, most striking a balance in between the others with no compromise. Your favourite will depend about the genres whether they focus on character dialogue or environmental audio cues crucial to your own performance, and you enjoy. Swinging across the city in Spider-Man was a pleasure as conversations of pedestrians intermingled completely with the conversation of Spidey and offenses.

Unfortunately, one additional profiles are not specially different. They're not a game changer by any way, although really a rise was within the end on a few of them. In case you didn't contact them at all, you wouldn't be fussed.


The mic works and that also I have never had some issues when communication with teammates. Conversations on each side were exhibited with no qualms.

Despite its own moniker because the PS4 iteration of the Stealth 300, it worked fine when plugged in the Nintendo Switch and Xbox one particular, although mileage can change across all platforms on mic capabilities. Oh, and you must switch it manually using exactly the above buttons.

Why purchase the most Turtle Seaside Stealth 300?

The Turtle seaside Stealth 300 manages to shine in all areas and can be a headset for its value. Normal console gamers needn't worry whether they are searching for extraordinary options and also an efficacious way to chat with friends online, although you aren't becoming anything top notch here.

While the aesthetic leaves a lot to be desirable, the more headset along with memory foam ear cups make it a joy to use throughout perform periods that are protracted. As far as spending budget gambling cans are involved, this you might be worth a look.


Even the Turtle seaside Stealth 300 can be a gaming headset that is cheap that is powerful however by the numbers.

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